Danko Jukić

Danko Jukić, born in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1959., received his music education in „Vatroslav Lisinski“ Music School in Zagreb. As a guitarist, he was reward with many prices and accolades. In 1977. he enrolled music academy in Graz-Austria (Hochschulle für Musik und darstellende Kunst), in class of Marga Bäuml-Klasinc, and got the Austrian scholarship ( from Bundesministerium Wien ). He graduated in 1982. with highest grades. As student he was guest performer on Mozarteum (Academy) in Salzburg. He held several solo concerts for guitar and Chamber orchester in USA, conducted by professor Walter Klasinc. He has also done several recordings for Austrian Radio, USA Radio and for Croatian Radio and TV.  Nowday, he warks exclusively as a guitar teacher. His students won over 60 awards in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany (Velbert), and Italy (Gorizia), during last 10 years. Many of his students had become also guitar teachers (more then 15 of them), and they work not only in Croatia,but also in Canada, Portugal, Austria, etc. Some of them are performing and are recognized as successful musicans. Once in a while, D. Jukić is also participating as a mamber of Jury in guitar competition.